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    [2017.01.19.] - europsy.net - Hírkategória: Nemzetközi hírek

    18.01.2017 – Under the presidency of Prof. Silvana Galderisi, the EPA Board met on 17 January in Brussels for its initial 2017 meeting, during which elections were held for open Office Bearer positions.

    EPA is pleased to announce the election of:


    Philip Gorwood (France) – President Elect
    Julian Beezhold (UK) – Secretary General
    Geert Dom (Belgium) – Treasurer
    Cécile Hanon (France) – Secretary for Education


    EPA is also pleased to announce that Prof. Silvana Galderisi has taken on her new role as EPA President, as of 1 January 2017, for a mandate of 2 years. 


    Prof. Galderisi addressed colleagues, EPA members and the psychiatry community in Europe and beyond in her inaugural “Message from the President”, which can be read here.


    In addition to continuing her contributions to EPA, she is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the training school in Psychiatry at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, as well as Director of the Emergency Unit for its Department of Mental Health. Her research activity has focused on schizophrenia pathophysiology, treatment and outcome, with particular reference to the domains of cognition and negative symptoms and their impact on psychosocial outcome. Please consult her full biography for more information about her research and affiliations.


    Prof. Galderisi is joined by 3 new Board members, who were elected at EPA 2016 Madrid for a mandate of 4 years, beginning on 1 January 2017:


    Peter FALKAI (Germany)
    Andrea RABALLO (Norway)
    Martina ROJNIC KUZMAN (Croatia)
    An updated list of EPA Board members can be found here.


    EPA wishes all of its new Office Bearers and Board Members a successful mandate!



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