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  • Work, mental health and well-being & COVID-19
    [2020.11.19.] - MPT Web-szerkesztőség - Hírkategória: Általános

    THURSDAY 19 November, at 4.30pm CET


    Dear Colleagues,


    Work can inspire, engage and give us a sense of purpose, but it can also exhaust and depress us and make us feel unempowered.

    The pandemic has led to most of us adapting our working practices - many have started working from home, others are forced to wear cumbersome personal protective equipment every day while many have lost their jobs or been asked to sit at home and wait for the pandemic to be over.      


    Across our region, many of you are in lockdown again, working from home. 

    For others, you have been working from home since March. 
    What effect has this had on our mental health?  Our colleagues’ mental health?    

    What about those who are still physically going to work, essential workers in the health system and other essential workers who have kept our adapted societies going during these last 8 months? 
    They have to manage physical threat of the virus but also the new anxieties and stresses of directly working with the public during a pandemic.      


    This week's COVIDnar is entitled "Work, mental health and well-being & COVID-19".  


    Is it all bad news?

    Has the pandemic pushed mental health to the top of the workplace agenda?
    Even the World Bank is concerned about the mental health of workers, in a survey of over 350 employers, 47% stated they provided mental health advice, only 3% below the number of employers that offered protective workwear. 


    Tammy Boyce will be chairing and the COVIDnar will star two speakers:

    ·  Daniel Chisholm, Programme Manager Mental Health, WHO Europe

    ·  Lorenzo Lionello, Independent Researcher 

    ·  What effects has the pandemic had on the mental health of teachers and train/bus drivers in Italy?

    ·  Have all teachers and transport drivers been affected?  Who has been able to better manage stress and anxiety during this period?


    Trusting you are already familiar with the WHO documents on the topic, please find below some additional interesting readings on the topic.


    When is the COVIDnar?

    ·  THURSDAY 19 November, at 4.30pm CET



    · https://who-euro.webex.com/join/Venice


     Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

     Kindest regards,


    Francesco Zambon

    Coordinator, Investment for Health and Development (HES) in Healthy Settings

    WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development
    WHO Regional Office for Europe


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