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  • Congratulations to EPA Constance Pascal – Helen Boyle 2021 Prize Winner!
    [2021.03.29.] - EPA - Hírkategória: Általános

    Announcing Prof. Michaela Amering as Laureate of the 2021
    EPA Constance Pascal – Helen Boyle Prize!

    It is with great pleasure that the EPA announces the selection of Professor Michaela Amering as the winner of the EPA Constance Pascal – Helen Boyle Prize of €10,000 for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in Working to Improve Mental Health Care in Europe for 2021!

    Prof. Amering is a psychiatrist and Professor at the Division of Social Psychiatry of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. The main focus of her clinical, teaching and research activities is on the situation of persons with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and their families and friends. She is a proponent of the concept and practice of ‘Trialogue’, a setting which allows communication and collaboration on equal footing between people with a lived experience of mental health problems, their families and friends, and mental health professionals, generating a specific and independent form of acquisition and production of knowledge.

    The EPA wishes to congratulate Prof. Amering on this well-deserved distinction, which recognises her exceptional contribution towards better mental health care in Europe.



    Background of the Prize

    Women have long been discriminated against, including in the fields of mental health care and psychiatry. The aim of this prestigious prize is to publicly acknowledge and increase awareness of the outstanding achievements by women in working to improve mental health care in Europe.

    The prize is named in honour of Dr. Helen Boyle, an Irish-British physician and psychologist who started working as a psychiatrist in 1894 in England and went on to become the first female President of the Medico-Psychological Association (later to become the Royal College of Psychiatrists); and Dr. Constance Pascal, a Romanian doctor who was the first woman to qualify as a psychiatrist in France in 1908. Both contributed significantly to scientific literature in addition to their pioneering clinical work and served as role models for generations of future female psychiatrists.


    For more information on the EPA Constance Pascal - Helen Boyle Prize,

    visit the EPA website


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