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Rendezvény kezdete: 2023.09.28.Rendezvény vége: 2023.10.01.

Dear colleague!


The World Congress of Psychiatry will take place in Vienna, Austria from September 28 until October 1, 2023. Numerous symposia, panel discussions, state-of-the-art sessions and lectures will be offered. The program will be exciting as we will be discussing the latest developments in the field in a pandemic and post-pandemic era. All aspects of psychiatry such as psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, psychopathology, rehabilitation, social psychiatry, old-age psychiatry or child-adolescent psychiatry will be covered. Beside the scientific program, this congress will give the opportunity to discuss the most recent developments for psychiatry all over the world. Trainees in psychiatry will be invited to meet international experts and meet their colleagues.


We welcome all suggestions about topics you would like to see included in the scientific program:

Extended deadline for symposia submissions: 15 March 2023

Deadline for abstract submission: 20 March 2023.


The early bird registration is open. Join us early by 15 May 2023 and let’s celebrate science together! Visit our website at wcp-congress.com for all the latest information and updates about the Congress!



The WPA has announced Travel Awards for Trainee Psychiatrists and Medical Students to attend the World Congress of Psychiatry. There are two separate prestigious awards, one for all trainees in psychiatry and one for all medical students.

The award for the Trainee Psychiatrists asks candidates to submit an essay of 3000-5000 words (including references) on this topic “Climate Change, Urbanisation, Air Pollution, Natural Disasters: global challenges for mental health, resilience, and recovery”. Details can be found here: Link

Whereas the award for the Medical Students invites applicants to submit an essay of up to 750 words on the theme “The Interface of Physical and Mental Health”. Details can be found here: Link

Both travel fellowship awards offer the successful candidates USD $2000, which will cover the travel, accommodation and registration fee costs to attend WCP23 in Vienna. The winners will also be acknowledged at WPA Annual Conference in Vienna.


We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna.


With my best regards


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Wancata

World Congress of Psychiatry

Organizing Committee Co-Chair        

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